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Get started building and concentrate on your passion.

Creating an online business based on your passions doesn't need to be a drain on your bank account and sanity. Powered By Presence will help you get started fast, affordable and armed with the tools and training to get you started fast.

You want to sell online products, courses and appointments of any kind?

Bottom line, most do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a custom website. What most need is a quick start to get them past the first stages of inertia when creating their website and getting their business online and off the ground.

How it works...

1) First you send us the essentials

We will ask you for certain basic copy, info, artwork and logos, and images.

2) We work some magic.

The heavy lifting is done for you. Your website is created and within 10 days we will have you a working site to view.

3) You are ready to blast off!

Once your happy with it, we will install your new site on your own hosting plan, so you own it forever. Of course, we will set that up for you as well. Your new site with come with some basic and necessary tutorials to get you started.

Why do people use us?

Is this right for you?

The people we work with are generally the artists, coaches, and course, service or product driven entrepreneurs. Folks who want to take their passions and business online for the lifestyle and freedom an online business can create.


  • You want a fast and simple website
  • You want to grown a mailing list and a following
  • You plan to sell digital courses, services, or appointments
  • You want to bypass setting a site up yourself
  • You have some computer and online business knowledge or committed to learning
  • You actually plan on using your site and learning to use your site


  • You need a super coded customized site and configuration
  • You have tons of physical products for an e-commerace store
  • You do not plan on growing a mailing list of an online following
  • You do not have any artwork, content or thought out business
  • You do not have basic simple computer and online skills
  • You have no confidence in our abilities to learn and grow

Whats the difference?

We are proud to use WordPress as the foundation for your website as are millions of businesses and bloggers around the world. It's an amazingly simple and easy to grow into. More important, it's free and constantly updated.

Customized site vs WordPress and theme

A totally custom site takes a lot longer to put together and needs a lot of vision to create something one can grow into. Customize sites usually have less functionality than custom sites. The fact is most people are learning as they go. A customized site requires you to exactly what you want and why knowing you will need more customization in the future if you want to expand in ways you haven't see. Plus, it can be insanely expensive.

  • Takes longer. Requires a lot of planning. Customized sites must have a long range vision on what the site is for and what it will do. Out of the box, customized sites usually have less functionality due to the fact they were hand built for specific purposes.
  • Inflexible. Once it's done, you are stuck with it and stuck paying hi fees to change, fix, modify or even update.
  • Expensive. Customized sites usually costs in the thousands of dollars just to get the site up with out hosting and other associated costs.

Sitebuilder vs WordPress

  • A lot of work. No matter what, you have to build it yourself and learn a system from the ground up. There is a lot of space to simply give up and forget it.
  • Not Yours. Usually built on a proprietary platform. If you ever want to leave, it can be very difficult due to the fact they are the only ones who have that system.
  • Can be expensive. Site builders start out cheap. Most charge for little advancements or functionality that comes standard in a WordPress site. They charges can add up over time and cost way more than one could have imagined from the start.
  • Clunky. Most website builders are used for brochure sites and are generally slower and will not accomodate great SEO or content optimization

Building your own WordPress site vs us

  • High learning cure. If you've never done one before it can be a ton of work. You will have to learn everything from the ground up.
  • Lot's of choices. You will have to decide on everything from themes to plugins and will have to make our own first mistakes.
  • Clunky. Anyone's first website tends to be messy and clunky. Let's face it, we have to learn and much of your time will be spent doing and redoing.

Are you ready?

Make the leap! There are so many people we can help at once. Lock in your rate now. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see your business get off the ground.

Only $850 for a site up in less than 10 days!