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The About Page is the most visited page on your website. Take the time to write — or rewrite it well. It is worth it.

When I wrote my first About Page opted for more of a resume – information laden – format.

It's a common mistake. A fairly boring, droll account of who I am, what I've done, and why you should trust me.

There's a place for a staid presentation of facts on the website of lawyers. For most of us, though, a more vibrant presentation is necessary.

Your About Page Is Not About You

I have to put that in big print.

It's About Your Reader.

And that, too.

The primary objective of your entire website is to tell the readers What's in it for him or her. You do that by telling your reader the problem you solve, the benefits of your solution, and the action they should take now in order to take advantage of it.

Keep your primary objective, big picture goal, in the forefront of your mind when you're developing all of your web pages. Including your About Page.

Your About Page has a 1-2 punch that the Home Page doesn't have.

  1. First, you get to tell about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in a way that is personal, perhaps lighter, even humorous.
  2. Then you get to bring it home with a personal story about that reinforces both the USP and why you are the best person to do it.
5.24.16 Screen Shot of Kitties Cakes

Mollie and Kelly,, have used 2 compelling sentences to identify their Unique Selling Proposition and what sets them apart from other bakers. Screenshot taken 5.24.16.

Understand the power that you have on Your About page.

People are inherently curious. Perhaps a bit nosy. Your backstory reinforces the Call To Action. Who you are legitimizes what you do.

Your About Page is where Attraction Marketing comes into play at its strongest. People spend the longest time on your About page because they want to get to know you. They want to know if you're someone they can relate to.

The idea is to talk about yourself — within the context of what you can do for them.

Finding Balance

I recently redid the About Page on my Counseling Breakthrough site. I went through three major revisions before I built the one you see.

I wanted a more authentic, personable, and professional voice – while keeping the big picture in mind.

Finding the balance was tricky.

  1. Too Casual. The first time around, in the process of becoming ‘more real,' I became more casual. Too casual. Not the look I was going for as a eTherapist or Life Coach.
  2. Stilted Professionalism & Irrelevant Stories. The second used more professional language and had more personal stories. You'd think that would be a nice balance. I didn't like it.
    1. Professional jargon, while common in the field, is not my preferred style of speaking. (In my mind, I don't specialize in ‘depression.' I specialize in helping people find Happiness and Fulfillment within themselves.) It felt stilted and not me.
    2. The personal stories made me more real, but were totally irrelevant to my Big Picture message.
  3. Personal, Professional, & Relevant. In my editing I designed a professional presentation that's authentic and integral to who I am as a person. Then I told very short personal stories that are congruent with who I am as a professional. Each reinforces the other.
  4. Personable, Professional, Relevant & Witnessed. Having excerpts from genuine testimonials reinforce your story with their own story. A third reinforcement for your message that comes from an outside source.
Screen shot of Andrew Reifman's About Page on 5.24.16.

Andrew Reifman uses clear language with an immediate call to action. Each icon is an opportunity to learn more. Scroll through his page, and you'll find a sprinkling of curious facts about him as well as testimonials. Screenshot taken 5.24.16.

Writing Your About Page

The elements of a great About Page stay pretty constant.

  • Headline: A benefits-driven headline.
  • Intro Paragraph: 1-3 sentences what you can do for them. It isn’t sales; it is clear, concise, to the point. It can be fun.
  • Image: Include one of yourself. Generally, looking at the camera, but I’ve seen not looking at the camera work, too. Generally, one photo, but I’ve seen many work. Generally, a photographic image, but I’ve seen a ‘sketch resemblance’ work, too. Notice that Andrew doesn't have an image of himself on the page. Pretty unusual – and he gets a lot of notice for having a great About Page. More evidence that finding the design that fits you and works for your audience is an individual process.
  • Social Proof: This is essentially sharing you and your business from a client’s perspective. You don’t have to have the full testimonial, just relevant highlights. If you don’t have testimonials, consider including quotes that support your business philosophy or methodology.
  • Personal Story: Your story told in a way that is congruent with your brand. Think about what you most want your reader to know about you and then find a way to highlight those qualities. It is your chance to have people resonate further with you and perhaps be driven to keep in touch.
  • Call To Action: Every page and every bit of content should have a prominent, easy to see, easy to understand Call To Action.

A Note Of Encouragement

Bear in mind as you are writing your About Page that your page will evolve as you evolve.

Allow yourself to be imperfect.

The path will unfold your as an online entrepreneur.

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