How To Write An eBook

How to write an eBook? It's easier than you thought!

If you've ever wondered how to write an eBook, you are in luck. It is probably way easier than you thought.  Plus, it is a great learning experience, adds credibility to your position in the marketplace, and will give you that all-important free product to offer to your potential customers.

Every entrepreneur who has spent time on the Digital Marketing scene knows the importance of offering their potential customers value upfront and for FREE.  It is the backbone of the digital marketing funnel.  In order to get people to give you their prized email address, you have to give them a good reason — value, upfront, and for free.  For many people, the best way to do that is to write and offer a Free E-Book.

Marketing funnel requires giving your customers value upfront and for free.Writing the E-Book

Writing an E-Book is a fantastic way for you to give something of value to your customers without making yourself crazy.  My awakening came when I was talking to my daughter on the phone during her senior year of college.  She had about 4 papers to write over the weekend, each around 10 pages long.

I was brought back to my college days — and all the papers I'd written.  Producing with an external guide (a professor), deadline (the end of the semester), and consequences (the grade and parent reaction) was relatively easy, even if it was anxiety producing.  The point is — as it is with all the good things that come to you in life — is that whatever you can do with the burden of external pressure, you can do even better with internal motivation and the satisfaction of intrinsic rewards.

I decided on that phone call with my daughter that if she could write four papers in one weekend then I could write one paper and turn it into a short E-Book.

The Basics Of Making An E-Book

  1. A free E-Book with 8-12 pages is perfectly fine.  My goal was to produce something short and valuable that I could give for free to my customers and potential customers.  Ten pages fit the bill for me.  People don't have a lot of time or attention to give to their numerous interests.  Often a quick read is exactly what they are looking for.
  2. Get clear about the purpose of your E-Book.  What specifically do you want to teach or impart to the reader?  How will you do it?  Know what you want to give your readers so that you can be certain you are giving it.
  3. Write an outline for your E-Book.  I always struggled with outlines, but the truth is when you begin with an outline, you force yourself to get clear on what your message is and how you will deliver.
  4. Write headings and subheadings deliberately.  Your headings and subheadings will guide you through the writing process.  They will also be the anchor points for your readers.  All together, they will be the scaffolding allows them to absorb your key points.
  5. Include a call to action.  Remember your E-Book is a way to help your customers engage with you.  It is a step in the funnel that gets them closer to real interaction with you — and perhaps becoming a paying customer instead a window shopper.  Give them a way to take their next step by offering them a link for a product, more information, or simply to be in contact with you.

  6. Include testimonials.  I began my E-Book with testimonials.  Most people who are reading it don't know me at all.  Testimonials allows me ‘earn the right' by letting readers know, in the words of others, who I am and how I've helped others.
  7. Include a title page and table of contents.  The table of contents should allow the reader to click to the specific page they want to go to.  My E-Book had a title page, but I did not include a table of contents.  In retrospect, I wish I had.
  8. Include photos.  One picture is worth a thousand words.  And if they are not, they can help to add color and diversity in the body of your book.  Be sure you've found photos with copyright parameters that permit your use.
  9. Give your E-Book to a trusted few to proofread.  This is no time to be shy.  If you want to share your book with the world, you are well-advised to share it with a trusted few to give you feedback first.
  10. For short, free E-Books, consider using a PDF format.  An E-Book is a loosely used word that can refer to literally an E-Book or a PDF.  An E-Book format, as ePUB, needs to be read with an eReader like Calibre.  This proved to be a giant headache — one of those things that was a ‘great learning experience,' but I wouldn't do again for a similar project.  I would consider it for an E-Book that was longer and for sale.  What do you give up by going with a PDF?  The ePUB  format allows the reader to adjust and manipulate the E-Book in their E-Reader for their ease of reading.  The PDF, in contrast, is static.

When to Get Help — And Where

There were times when I needed to reach out for help.

  1. Turning the Word document into an ePUB document.  For this task, I turned to  I paid about $15  to Exnihilo, a Fiverr provider and was quite satisfied.
  2. Getting a cover page for my E-Book.  For this task, I turned to again.  I paid about $16 including a tip to Jessica, a Fiverr provider, and was very satisfied with the first cover she sent back to me.  I did wish I ‘d asked her to make it look like a book cover.  My business partner, Harry Parker, later did this for me.
  3. Photos.  With reverse image search software, like TinEye, it is not only morally relevant – it is financially compelling — to make sure your photos are using photos with copyright privileges that allow you to do so.  My sister, Gail, who is an online super sleuth helped me out here.  We read blogs like this one to help us find free photos that could be used for commercial use.
  4. Loading the E-Book on my WordPress website.  Lastly, I got a little hung up loading my PDF and ePUB document onto our WordPress site.  I got some help from Nick at TakeLessons and, the bulk from my tech guru, Harry Parker.

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  • What a great post filled with useful tips, tricks, and “how-to’s” on writing an e-book! These are filled with so many helpful and easy answers to questions I had been seeking. I look forward to reading your e-book, as well as discovering and learning more about what you have to say. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lauren Trecosta

      Reply Reply July 7, 2015

      Thank you, Dara. I am glad that you found the post useful. I enjoyed writing it and sharing the experience. Please feel free to share with others who have the itch to write something longer than a blog post. E-Books allow anyone to be an author. 🙂

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