Be An Image Wizard!
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Learn how to optimize, resize, crop, & design images for your website

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All About Images

Learn how to handle images for your website.  Apply new skills and learn to use free image editing software as you progress through course.  Ask questions, get answers at any point along the way!

Suffer From Image Anxiety?

  • Do Digital Images Confuse You?
  • Are You Frustrated With Getting The Size Just Right?
  • Is Your Website Bogged Down With Large Images?
  • Are You Tired Of Paying Someone To Create Your Ads?

Your Perfect Prescription!

  • Master Image File Type & Size
  • Easily Crop & Design Any Image
  • Look Awesome & Stay Fast
  • Save Money! Do The Simple Things Yourself.

6 Learning Modules & 1 Bonus Module

Module #1 What Is A Digital Image?

In this lesson, we'll go over the basics of a digital image, covering pixels, MegaPixels, and DPI. Only the facts, short and simple.

Module #2 Types Of Digital Images

In this lesson, we will go over the types of digital images you will encounter the most.

Module #3 Standardizing Your Images

In this lesson, we will go over Image Size and File Size and how that relates to your website's overall health and usability.

Module #4 How to Optimize Your Images

In this lesson, you will learn how to find an image's hidden information and how to compress an image. A little about Retina and what that means to you. Finally, a checklist on how to handle your images.

Module #5 How To Video Tutorials

Here, we will go over how to get started and DO what we've been talking about. Instructions included for BOTH PC and MAC.

Module #6 WordPress Video Tutorials

Here we will go over uploading images to your WordPress site, working with the library, individual images, and putting the final touches on images before posting them to a page or post.

Module #7 Image Engagement

Here you will learn how to set a featured image for your WordPress blog post plus create and resize the image to share on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Module #8 BONUS

Here you will find some extra goodies to help you take,
create and optimize better images.

  • More Editing Sources
  • Exclusive Guide - "Science Behind Beautiful Images"
  • Image Organization & File Structure

Module #9 BONUS

How to videos for Pixlr and more. Get the info you need
without having to look for it.

  • More Editing Sources
  • Exclusive Guide - "Science Behind Beautiful Images"
  • Image Organization & File Structure

I've wanted to learn how to put a watermark on my images and how to resize and optimize them properly, but frankly have been overwhelmed at the thought of learning it on my own. Your course is clear, user-friendly, and informative. Plus I love using my branded photos on all my social media.

Susan Boyd
Susan Boyd Art & Animals

I love photography and know that images can make my site great, but I never truly understood how to size them or SEO them. Now I do! Your course is great! Especially love the video tutorials and being able to ask questions along the way. You're the best!

Christina Brown
Christina Brown AKA Homeschool Mom

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Entrepreneurs, Creatives, & Bloggers -

Fabulous images make your site memorable. They increase traffic and keep traffic on the site longer.

Images that are not optimized, though, can kill the experiences. Today's internet user doesn't have patience to wait for your photos to load - no matter how fabulous.

25% will leave your website after 4 seconds. Never to return again.

Visitors are more discerning. As much as great photos can make a site, photos that are hodge-podge of sizes and quality detract from a site.

This course breaks it down for you. You will learn the vocabulary of digital images, how to use image editing software, how to resize and compress images, and how to use them with your WordPress site.

Instructions for both Mac and PC included.

Learn how to do basic image work yourself and have the power to create your way.