How To Make A Great About Page

Girl Holding Sparkler

Website Traffic tends to visit most and the longest on your About Page.It’s the most important page on your site – and worth taking the time to do well.

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How To Make A Great Home Page

Sun shining through onto green forest.

The visitor to your Home Page — and the action they take — defines the success of your Home Page. Read more about How To Make a Great Home Page.

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How To Develop The Blogging Habit

Woman with red hair sitting on step, typing on laptop

Developing habits to support the blogging habit is what makes blogging regularly possible. I did it and so can you.

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How To Optimize Images Using Pixlr

Bee on daisy with black background. Image optimized.

Features video on How To Optimize Images Using Pixlr. Normally part of full-price comprehensive course, video includes how to size, crop, edit your photos.

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How To Write Headlines That Grab Reader’s Attention

In bold letters: What makes a good headline?

People decide whether to read more or share in a split second. Do you know how to write headlines that grab people’s attention?

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