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Digital Entrepreneurs understand that Social Media marketing is critical to their success, but deciding which social media platform to use can be overwhelming.

Being active on social media sites take time.  Being effective on social media sites takes expertise.  Trying to be an expert on the forever evolving landscape of social media will take all of your time and water down your results.

The good news:  You don't have to  — nor should you–  join every social media network.  Your niche and the products/services that you're selling will determine which social media platform will be best for you.

The bad news:  well, there isn't any.

Social media is the way to connect meaningfully with your potential consumers.  (I know.  I just said people connect meaningfully through social media.)

Social Media:  Let your fingers do the talking ....

Social Media: Let your fingers do the talking ….

Social media is encompassing, and it is cheaper.  Business owners who put in six hours a week productively on social media had a 74% increase in website traffic.

Consider this.  People have way more choices and are way more savvy now about what they buy and who they buy from.  The choices, literally, are endless.  They are no longer obliged to buy from the nearest store or mall.  They are no longer obliged to sit through your ad during a tv show.  Your competition is global and 24/7/365.

Advertising and marketing doesn't have a captive audience anymore.   In the Digital Economy, people listen to you because they want to listen to you — otherwise they will simply click you away.

People can buy from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day or night … so what on earth is going to make them buy from you?

They will buy from you for two reasons:

  1. their relationship with you, and
  2. the value you provide.

Social media is sweat-equity driven – and slippery at that.  If your social media marketing lacks a coordinated strategic plan, then you can easily put in the hours with very little to show for your effort.

Where is your niche?

Where is your niche?

Where are you most likely to find your niche?

  1. Facebook – 73% of the US adult population is on Facebook.   It is trending away from the youngest (its 13-17 year old populations has decline by more than 25% in the last three years) and toward a senior population (its 55+ population grew a whopping 80% in the last three years).  Still, by sheer numbers, Facebook is still the heavy hitter where you are likely to find your consumer (unless you're selling to 13-17 year olds), and should be a part of your social media platform.
  2. Google-Plus – Launched in 2011, 1 billion users, 300 million monthly users, it is gaining on Facebook.  62% of the users are male and 42% of the users are 18-24 year old males.  The female audience tends to be 25-35 years.
  3. Twitter – It is has experienced 900% user  increase in last year with 215 million monthly users.  It is most popular with the 18-29 year old set.  This social media appeals equally to male and female users and has no distinguishing trend by income or education.
  4. Linked In – Especially helpful for business-to-business leads, it is used most by 35-64 year olds, has more male users, and tends to have a higher income and college educated audience.
  5. Youtube – Owned by Google, Youtube is the place where most people go to watch their videos.  According to Nielsen Ratings, Youtube reaches more US adults, ages 18-34, than any broadcasting cable network.  It is popular with mobile users, women ages 18-54, and most popular with 18-24 years old men.
  6. Pinterest – ‘Pinned' as one of the social media sites to watch.  Pinterest users tend to be 18-49, suburban women with trend of more education, more money, and a habit of spending the online dollars.
  7. Instagram – With 150 million users, Instagram is most popular with 18-29 years old urbanites, followed by 30-49 year olds.  It is the wave of the future and one to watch.
  8. Vine – 40 million users, dominated by 18-20 year olds.  Vine is owned by Twitter and is the micro-video version of Twitter's micro-‘blog'.  Videos are 6 seconds long and, again, the wave of the future.

Begin to dig in.  Get to know you niche.  Who are they and where do they hang out online.  Go where your niche is.  Pick two, max three, social media sites to talk to them.  Start today!

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