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"Since you helped us out with our social media we’ve brought our Fan Page from 500 to over 3800 in just over a year with absolutely NO Advertising.

- Dennis McGlynnis, Lodi Parachute Center

"I've grown into actually running a real website.... selling products and doing what I love while creating a huge following of friends and memories."

- Bill Flynn, Club Jump In

"Now I have a place to showcase my art, sell classes and provide a portal for real horse care while helping to raise the funds I need."

- Sue Boyd, Art N Animals

"Harry and Lauren helped me realize my own passion, dream about what is possible, figure out how I stood in my own way with my fears and behaviors ... and taught me how to use the tools to get online."

- Dara Shapiro, Sky Girl Sunset Load

"With the help of Harry and Lauren, I now have an online presence I am proud of. They've helped me build my website, my brand, learn about broadcasting and making a landing page, and build my audience through social media."

- Christina Brown, AKA Homeschool Mom

A Note From Us

To Coaches & Entrepreneurs - You have a personal gift to share, and we want to help you share it - regardless of your computer expertise! We are committed to helping you:

Share your personal gifts with the world through your online presence and Experience flexibility, freedom, and fun that running an online business offers.

You bring the idea. We'll build the website. And we'll go from there. 🙂 Harry & Lauren

What we offer:

  • Website: Built For You With You - Powered By Presence
  • Training: Get Online Skills To Grow Confidence & Presence - Powered By Action
  • Mentorship: Power Up To Achieve Visionary Goals - Powered By Coaching

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